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We are a talented freelancers under one creative direction.

We are an Australia-wide network of creative professionals providing services such as brand design, web design, photography, copywriting and much more to businesses across the country.

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What is a 'freelance studio'?

[The studio/agency alternative]

The future of creative services...

Created in response to the ever increasing number of self-employed creatives across Australia, a ‘freelance collective’ is simply a network of like-minded freelancers who collaborate together on a per-project basis.

As talented creatives begin to redefine what work means to them, often making the choice to carve out their own freelance path, traditional creative agencies miss out on the best of what the country has to offer.

A freelance collective gathers a vetted network of these talented professionals and utilises them efficiently project to project. Producing studio work at non-studio prices.

As such freelance collectives become a solution for business owners who seek the passion and talent of a freelancer, but with the comprehensive service of a traditional studio/agency.

The ‘freelance’ difference.

Here’s why freelancers are good for business...

01 - Self Determination

It’s science! Seriously... Countless studies have found positive correlations between workplace autonomy and increased productivity.

And the freelance life takes this effect x100.

Every team member working on our client projects has complete autonomy over how they work, when they work and their creative input.

02 - Skill Diversity

No creative team is limitless in skillset.

Not even a freelance collective team! But at least a collective brings a wider range of professionals to bear on any given creative problem.

Put simply: we’re not going to put Trevor on your social media content just because he’s sitting there with nothing to do. Sarah’s going to do it, because that’s what Sarah does.

03 - Passion lvl 9000+

Can we prove this one? Not in the slightest! But hear us out...

Quiting your day job, saying goodbye to the safety and security of a consistent paycheck. These descisions are arguably taking the ‘harder’ route to professional creativity.

Why would someone do this if they didn’t f-#*%ing LOVE what they do?

04 - A no-waste system

Newsflash! Companies who have employees, need to pay employees.

How? By passing the expense on to YOU, the customer/client.

Crazy right!? Not really, this is often why design studios/agencies can be so expensive for seemingly little work.

Ben & Clara might be working on YOUR project, but you’re being charged for Ben, Clara, Reggie, Sarah & Trevor (good ol’ Trevor).

Here’s how it works...

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01 - Initial Consult

We kick things off by getting to know what you need as a business.
  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • What services would help you get there?
  • What are your priorities?
  • What would a homerun look like?

02 - Proposal

We devise our solution, put together a team & provide a quote.
  • A proposal is our solution to your specific problems, including cost & expected timeline.
  • We select the freelancers we think would be a great fit for the project.

03 - Strategy

You and your designer get on the same page, and get thinking!
  • A strategy session is a 2-3 hour facilitated workshop designed to unearth the best approach to your project.
  • In this session you will: solidify you business goals.
  • Determine the best approach to achieve your set goals, plus much more.

04 - Design

The process begins, and you’re there every step of the way.
  • Using our collaborative design platform, you and each freelancer share the same workspace, communicating as one single team.
  • Leave comments on live designs to minimize email threads and stay on track.

05 - Deliver

The work is done, but we’re not. A smooth handover is key.
  • A handover session ensures you’re EMPOWERED to take over your new assets with confidence.
  • We train you in the necessary skills and answer any and all questions.

The Telltale Collective

Want to join the collective?

We’re always on the look out for talented, established freelancers to join the Telltale family.

If you have a service you think Australian business owners would LOVE, we’d LOVE to here from you!